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Setting the tone for all-day events

Date: Wed 25th March 2015

We all know a good first impression at an event is crucial, but have you considered how you can influence emotions to ensure your delegates leave feeling just as impressed?

event lighting

Of course choosing the right venue, theme, décor and providing friendly staff and helpful information are hugely important, but lighting on the other hand plays a pivotal role in setting the desired tone of your delegates.

It enables you to change their mind-set throughout different daytime activities into an evening ceremony while remaining in the very same room.

Lighting firm, STL knows exactly what sets the right mood for events and the effect colours can have,

“We’re often asked to design multi-purpose lighting schemes for a daytime conference or seminar that can be transformed for evening entertainment, a gala dinner or awards ceremony. 

By simply changing the colours of the lights already installed for the daytime activities and using dimmers we can completely transform a room for the evening,” says Iain Austin, Project Manager at STL.

Cool colours, such as blues, whites and greens evoke a calm, relaxed and optimistic emotion, ideal for conferences.

indoor lighting

While warmer colours – oranges, reds and yellows – help a delegate feel stimulated, excited and passionate, this works well with workshops and open discussions.

Table setup

Into the evening, purples and pinks are ideal for creating a joyful and relaxed atmosphere,” explains Austin.

To develop the ideal look for a multi-purpose event, STL implements intelligent moving heads for stage effects and LED uplighters to light the room. These provide the interchanging colours that create a shift in emotion, while mainstream generic lighting and pin spots remain unchanged throughout the event and provide essential lighting for tables and speakers.  Each individual light is controlled with by an AVOLITE or ETC to provide the perfect setting for your event.

Not just experts in lighting, STL is an all-encompassing production company, providing LED and Plasma screens, projectors, PA systems, rigging and power distribution.  The Kent-based firm serves a variety of events from corporate events, exhibitions and product launches to music concerts and festivals.  Most importantly STL stocks a vast range of equipment to support its production and dry hire service, ensuring its prices remain competitive.

For more information on how to leave a longer lasting impression on your delegates, ensuring they’re inspired and enthusiastic, contact STL Production Group on 01622 863398, or email

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We travel anywhere and everywhere lighting stages and venues in the UK and abroad, so if you’re looking for someone to make your event look spectacular get in touch and we’ll make it happen!


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