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STL get straight to the Pointe®

Date: Wed 6th November 2013

STL get straight to the Pointe® with the latest in moving light technology

STL Production Group has introduced the new state-of-the-art Robe Pointe® to its already competitive stock of moving lights for production and dry hire.

Only launched in April this year, STL is among the few lighting companies to stock the Robe Pointe® and offer the product for dry hire.

Union J Stage lights

Compact and lightweight, the Robe Pointe® is the perfect solution for a high impact light display that complements indoor and outdoor events.  This was demonstrated at the recent Poppy Appeal Launch at RAF Northolt, where thousands of Armed Forces service personnel and their families watched as acts including The Saturdays, Union J, Tich, the Luminites and The Poppy Girls graced the stage.

Its superior brightness and speed, cuts through the air and across video projection with extreme ease.  The sharp parallel beam can project a static or rotating glass gobo in the air or onto a surface with crystal clear focus and precision, while the rotating six-way linear or eight-way circular prisms offers wide reaching effects.  With the option of 13 rich colours that create a smooth even wash, the Robe Pointe® can cater for all colour themes.

“This is a significant investment for STL, one that will help us continue to produce the professional and creative lighting our clients have come to expect from us.  I imagine the Robe Pointe® will prove to be a must have for many of our productions to come,”

commented Iain Austin, Managing Director, STL Production Group.

To find out more about the Robe Pointe®, and other available lighting stock at STL Production Group, please call 01622 863 398

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