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Leeds Castle Fireworks Spooktacular


The Leeds Castle fireworks display is an event that STL have been involved with for the past 6 years, building on the shows design with new ideas and effects year on year.

Leeds Castle Lighting

Following on from Halloween, this year’s show was titled "Fireworks Spooktacular" which tasked us with designing a show of projection and lighting which complimented the amazing display put on by Alchemy Fireworks all set to a music score ranging from Michael Jacksons Thriller through to the Ghost Busters theme.

Our design consisted of 8 x Clay Paky Sharpy's, 4 x Novalight Nova Flower 1200, 4 x Novalight Nova Flower 2K and 20 x DTS Titans firing across the mote from the castle walls straight toward the audience. The beams from the Sharpy's and the Nova Flowers not only created impressive aerial effects but bought another dimension to the show when bounced off the surface of the water creating a laser type effect which filled the arena.

Four 15K Sanyo projectors were used to map the castle and project custom animation sequences for each music track and designed to work with both the fireworks and lighting to create a display unique to Leeds Castle.

We travel anywhere and everywhere lighting stages and venues in the UK and abroad, so if you’re looking for someone to make your event look spectacular get in touch and we’ll make it happen!


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