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Lighting the skies at Leeds Castle


Lighting the skies for Guy Fawkes at Leeds Castle

Once again STL Production Group set the scene for this year’s Leeds Castle fireworks display.  The well attended annual event was as popular as ever, with its unique collaboration of fireworks, lighting, projection and music, each synchronised with complete precision.

Leeds castle outside lighting

firework lighting

Leeds castle fireworks

During the spectacular fireworks, STL presented a Union Jack projection onto the entire exterior of the castle, and the crowds stood agog as they watched the ancient building crumble before their eyes, fortunately not for real, but with the use of clever animatronics projection.

STL took the opportunity to utilise its newly acquired Robe® lights for the display.  The bright and uncompromised colour beams cut through the thick smoke, created by the fireworks, with extreme ease, giving onlookers a visual feast.  The fast moving-head function of the Robe® lights were ideal for keeping the rhythm of the popular music tracks used throughout, such as Firestarter, Hot Right Now and Burn Baby Burn.

We travel anywhere and everywhere lighting stages and venues in the UK and abroad, so if you’re looking for someone to make your event look spectacular get in touch and we’ll make it happen!


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