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The UK's experts in power hire

Meet the real POWER Rangers!

Power management is essential for events of any scale to support all lighting, sound and audio visual equipment.  It needs to be safe, reliable and consistent to ensure your event or exhibition is a success.  Generator hire is a great may of making sure that your power supply is kept at a reasonable level so you are assured of efficient power flow when running and event or festival.

We specialise in power generator hire and lighting installation services to create the very best events and festival lighting and sound systems; just give our power hire and installation experts a call on 01622 863398. Our team of specialist installers will complete all your lighting and sound installation requirements quickly and will make sure that the power generators and other equipment you hire from us are of the very best quality; making sure your event is a time to remember.

All power generator hire needs covered

Not only do we supply provisional power distribution systems for the equipment STL provide, but we can also meet the needs of your other suppliers, including temporary catering units and outdoor amusements.

Power Generator

Power Distribution Equipment


Within our service we provide all the equipment you need to safely power your event, while our skilled technicians will be onsite to constantly monitor and manage the power supply throughout. So you don't only receive the power generator hire, but we make sure that it is maintained and the power is safely flowing around to light up your event.

We can arrange all the necessary power generators, panels, connection units, adaptors, distribution boards, splitters and any other power equipment to make sure your event runs smoothly.

We provide our extensive event generator hire, installation and supply services to clients all across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, Essex and the rest of the UK, including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Maidstone, Ashford and Brighton.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful and friendly power generator hire and installation team.

We travel anywhere and everywhere lighting stages and venues in the UK and abroad, so if you’re looking for someone to make your event look spectacular get in touch and we’ll make it happen!


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